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Road to Online Platform

LearnAt is India’s upcoming online learning platform by LearnAt Edtech Pvt. Ltd. We at LearnAt are pioneers in the sphere of education in India. We hope to provide affordable education opportunities for anyone with the motivation to learn. 

LearnAt is currently operating offline in Noida, Kolkata, Nagpur and is developing online platform to go world wide. We wish to provide all kinds of course to learner around the world. Our aim is not just providing education we also aim to provide opportunity to teachers who can deliver education. As India is a multilingual country we also aim to setup all courses in different languages hiring local teachers in the region. 

One Step towards

Making India brighter..

Our India is a big country with second largest population in the world. We have many talented mind who needs resources to shape themselves. Unlike other online learning platform LearnAt is going to provide education in a very affordable price.

 We at learnat take proud in our educators and our team that work hard day and night to provide the best services to the people that have the fire inside them to learn in the face of their geographical or monetary limitations as our app provides variety of courses for a very cost effective fee and you can subscribe to them from the comfort of your home, we will also release monthly scholarship programmes.

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