ICSE Computer for Class IX-X [LIVE]

A full-fledged 6-month live class for ICSE computer science for students of classes IX and X with drought solving sessions by Vikash Sir!! Learn core concepts of Java and other topics and implement with live demonstration.

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This course is for students who are studying are studying the ICSE boards syllabus for classes IX & X. Programming language (Java) is new to students, so many students just try to mug up programs rather than understand. Our mentor Vikash is going to make your Java learning interesting and easy to understand. He focuses on the core of the topic which makes it possible for any student to understand anything he teaches with live demonstration. This live course will help you in overcoming the challenge students face in understanding the concept of programming language in java. With the real-time implementation and making you understand every topic with examples learning java is going to be great for you & complete your syllabus in just 6 months.

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  • Real Live classes
  • 6 Month Live Classes
  • 2 Days a Week 120 Mins classes.
  • Recorded lectures are available after classes.
  • Extra Dought Sessions
  • 7 Days money-back guarantee.


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What's included

  • Duration: 6 Months
  • Live Classes
  • Dought Sessions
  • Quiz
  • Watch Offline
  • 7 Days Money-back Guarantee


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