NEET Exam 2021 : Last- Minute Preparation Strategy

For NEET Exam 2021, it is important to work hard and study for many hours each day. It’s not just about how much time you spend, it’s the strategy you use that will get the desired results. While you may regularly attend the coaching institute to study and pass the medical entrance exam. 

What's new in NEET this year?

The NTA’s amendments to this year’s exam have got made public. This means that the pen and paper exam gets divided into four sections:

Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology. Each subject will get divided into 2 sections A and B. Section A will contain 35 questions to attempt. Section B will allow you to attempt 10 of the 5 questions, which will provide some relief.

These are the top techniques you should follow to ensure you continue your preparations in the right direction.

Plan your timetable 

It is difficult to study for NEET. It is difficult to understand the vast syllabus and feel overwhelmed.

You don’t have to worry if you have a realistic plan. NEET Main exam has 180 multiple-choice questions that the students must complete in 3 hours.

Each chapter will have questions. You will likely get more questions about important chapters in the main exams.

These sections will require more attention. This does not mean you should skip the rest of the chapters.

Clarification of Doubt is Mandatory

You may encounter doubts while studying. Keep track of all your questions separately and ask the faculty for clarifications. It is important to sort your doubts regularly and not pile them up. It can become a problem in your preparation.

Make sure to take practice tests regularly

Take as many practice tests as you like. You will feel like you are taking the real test by appearing on several mock exams.

These mock tests will not only help you solve questions but also teach you important skills such as time management, accuracy, speed development, and how to manage your time.

These Mock Test scores will determine your learning curve.

Logical Study

While you may need to memorize a lot of formulas in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, the majority of NEET syllabus requirements require that you study in a rational way. 

It is important to understand the basics before moving on to more complex concepts. To get a better understanding, try to connect different chapters. Diagrams and graphs can also get used to help you understand the material. 

A writing board can be also installed in your room so you can create graphs and solve problems.

Keep Happy and Healthy

You should take care of your health while you are preparing for the medical exam. You should ensure that you eat a healthy diet and get enough sleep. Be calm, confident, and positive.

Although the format of questions may change over time, you should still attempt some sample papers from the past few years. To get an idea of what type of questions you can expect, practice the practice papers. Regularly take mock tests offered by the coaching institute. 

You can track your scores and see how you are doing. Exercise daily and eat food that stimulates your mind.


Stress shouldn’t be a factor in your preparations for the Exams. Prepare for the exam by eating healthy foods and getting enough sleep the night before. To pass the NEET confidently, you must be mentally and physically strong.

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