The Second Most State To Produce IAS Officers: Bihar

UPSC conducts the Civil Services Examination (CSE). Which is one of the most difficult exams to pass. It is harder to become an IAS officers than qualifying CSE. One must be in the top tier of IAS candidates. Sardar Patel used to refer to IAS as the “Steel Frame” of India’s government machinery.

It takes a lot of dedication and hard work to crack the IAS. The relationship between Bihar and the UPSC is very strong. A large number of IAS, IPS, and IFS candidates hail from Bihar. 25 percent (of 700) of the qualified aspirants in the past ten years come from this state alone. In short it is a very impressive figure.

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Bihar houses every 12th IAS officer

The IAS officers from the state of Bihar make up 4694 out of a total of 4694. In terms of number, Bihar is second to Uttar Pradesh, which has 788 officers. It is therefore the second state with the highest number of IAS officers. Some of the Biharies officers posted in high-ranking positions. 
  • Rajiv Gauba is Cabinet Secretary to the Government of India.
  • C K Mishra, Secretary, Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change.
  • Ravi Kant Secretary, Food and Public Distribution Government of India
  • Utpal Singh is the Chief Secretary of Uttarakhand
  • Rajiv Sinha, Chief Secretary, West Bengal.
  • Sanjeev Kumar, Special Secretary for Health and Family Welfare at the GOI.
  • Pankaj Kumar, Extra Chief Secretary, Revenue Department, Gujarat.
  • Shrikant Singh is the Additional Chief Secretary of the Home Department, Maharashtra.

What draws students from Bihar to this field?

IAS provides the most power and position to its candidates. UPSC is attractive because it gives you job security. Moreover also giving you the opportunity to serve your country.

What quality makes it easier for Biharis to pass the Civil Services Exam?

Biharis are very intelligent people. Thus they can remember and keep track of many things at once. These people read a lot of newspapers and magazines. They take part in debates at the chai-Dhaba (tea shop).
Every Bihari can take part in a discussion on any topic that is important. To the nation or the world for at least one minute.
It is likely that the number of youth who get drawn to government jobs has decreased in recent years. Today’s youth are more adventurous and take risks. So entrepreneurship is more appealing to them.
The stats for the past 20 years show that 3655 IAS officers appointed, of which 215 came from Bihar. This means that every 17th officer belongs to is from Bihar.Biharis are born for civil service.
There is a clear inclination to this field among students. Likewise people in communities get inspired by others. We get enriched by inspiring stories from the earliest generation, who worked hard. Bihar has been home to organized education since ancient times.
It is also home to world-famous universities such as Vikramshila and Nalanda.


Students from Bihar are hardworking and originate from a land rich in knowledge. People who believe in the proverb “hard work pays off” can call this place home. They are right when they say that “Ek Bihari ,sab pe Bhari”.

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