Top 30+ Google Interview Questions and Answers

Google is the most used search engine in the world, and it has had a profound impact on our lives. Google interview has never been a company to rest on its tree. Since they found the firm in 1998, it has changed the way we work and live through products like Gmail, Google Docs, and Chrome.

If you want a job at Google, you’ll have to show some creative thinking. We know the company for asking brainteasers in the Google interview process, some of which can be quite tricky.

Google Interview Questions: Know about Google

Google is the world’s largest search engine. It provides services to users through its search. Advertising, cloud computing, operating system, and hardware platforms. When you type a question or phrase into Google Search, it will attempt to answer your query. Using information from various sources on the internet.

The sources include information from the WWW (“web”) but may also come from other sources, such as Wikipedia or YouTube. You can find whatever you are looking for by searching on google.

Job interview questions: Let's inspect why it's so difficult to secure a job at Google

  • Google is looking to hire bright and motivated people who get accomplished, well-educated, and skilled. This isn’t a sugar coating.
  • It doesn’t matter if you’re applying to become a software engineer or any other job within Google. They only wish to hire the very best of the most skilled.
  • They’ll look into your previous jobs in the past. They won’t be able to employ you or interview you if you’re from companies with no name that aren’t dealing with big issues like Google is.
  • They’ll be looking at your educational background. Particularly with a job as Engineer or Software Engineer, or Programmer for Google.
  • While there are a variety of developers who offer quick ways to get into the basics of programming. Google remains to prefer a traditional four-year Computer Science degree or more.
  • For many of their engineering jobs and data engineering positions and other positions.

Google Interview Process: How can I apply for a job at Google?

It’s tough to get a job at Google. Because they have high standards and receive thousands of applications every year. Each year, they receive 2 million applications for jobs, which is more than Harvard University. But with thousands of job openings each year, it’s not impossible to get hired!

Follow these steps to apply for the Google interview  process:

  1. Seek a similar job description on Google’s careers page.
  2. If you’ve located a job opening that you’d like to apply for. Click the “APPLY” button on the right side of the page of the description.
  3. Log in to the Google account you have created. Make note of the email you used to sign in and sign up. Google will send you updates and notifications at this email address. If you’re signed into a Google Account while applying for an employment opportunity. Only the information that you have entered the application form will get provided by Google Staffing with your application.
  4. Send your resume. Fill in the form with your details and then review the completed details and then submit it.

Interview Process: Practice questions

Google’s hiring process starts with resume screening. In this phase, the recruiters review your resume to make sure that you meet the job. They will look at previous experience, technology skills, and education. To see if you are a good fit for the position.

Get through the resume screening

While there are many criteria for hiring employees, the basic principles for resumes at Google remain the same. The three key principles you must follow to create a successful resume at Google are:

  1. Show the skills and characteristics that Google is looking for.
  2. Write specific, goal-oriented, and bullet points.
  3. Using professional, structured, and clear language.

Interview Rounds: google interview process

  • The interview process begins by interviewing for the initial screening.
  • The latter stages are more technical and focused on data Structure algorithms.
  • There’s also a distinct behavioral round known as Googliness, which was created by Google in recent years.

There are three interview rounds:

Interview by phone: google coding interview

Called the screen round on phones. It will last from 45 to 60 minutes on Google Hangouts. The Google employee will test your coding skill. With simple questions in relation to algorithms and data structures. They will provide the answers in a Google document or whiteboard using about 20-30 lines of code.

This is essential for communicating your thought process and the work you do. This is how they test your cognitive abilities. They also expect an open-ended code challenge here. The ability to ask questions for clarification is a brilliant method to show problem-solving capability. If you complete your assignment before the deadline.

You should look for ways to improve your performance and ensure you think about edge cases and corners.

Interview on algorithm and DS: google technical

Also known as downside interviews. If you can pass the pre-screening and get invited to an interview on the spot. The google interviews will include the entire 6 Google staff members for an hour each. Technical Interviews on-site will concentrate on data structures and algorithms.

The interviewer will write code either using a whiteboard or Chromebook. Whichever one you choose and what they’ll provide. Because of security concerns, it’s recommended to contact the recruiter in advance. For a list of questions, so that you can do the exercises. For instance, in the interview on-site.

This is the algorithm-based data structure interview.

Googliness Interview: behavioral interview questions

On-site interviews also contain a feature of the behavioral interview questions. That Google refers to as goodliness interviews. To know your character as an employee candidate. Google wants to know if you are in line with its values. Make sure you prepare for behavioral interview questions as well.

Hiring process: Quality score google adwords

After the interviews have concluded, the recruiter will call you to provide feedback on the interview. If the interview went well and the interview gets cleared. They send your profile to various teams on Google to be matched in the team round. In the team matching round, the team is aware of your working style and desires and you can comprehend their needs and work expectations of the team.

After the team and you are at ease, you are ready to go to your new job. The recruiters send the offer letter. Then, you’re now hired!..

Google interview questions: What Google Searches For

According to the Google careers site, applicants should show four strengths throughout the technical interview. The base interview questions are on strengths, so you must know them.

  1. General Intelligence

The recruiters will ask open-ended tricky questions to evaluate a candidate’s problem-solving skills, for example…

What would you do to manage a team by completing [X] project on the shortest deadline? With an employee count of absent for the week?

  • The reason they are asking these questions:

This kind of question should test your knowledge of the major obstacles that can come into play in particular jobs. And to determine how you can handle difficult situations under stress.

  • How to deal with these issues:

If they give you an ambiguous scenario, don’t rely on the first thought that comes to mind. Let the recruiter know that you’re thinking about the situation. By asking for more details, to narrow the situation down.

  1. Leadership Qualities

  • The reason they are asking the following real questions?

Hiring managers are looking for candidates who have a solid work ethic. And prove qualities of leadership, like emotional intelligence, communication, and strength. As well as confidence, empathy, and more.

  • How to deal with the issue that questions google:

Prepare 2-3 stories you can tell that how you took control of a project. That failed or supervised a new employee.

  1. Information relating to Role

  • The reason they ask these great questions?

While the term “role-related” knowledge refers to the technical capabilities of your skills. Google puts it: what your “individual strengths work together with your knowledge and experience to generate an impact.”

  • How to deal with these great questions?

Prove not only what you’ve accomplished and how you came to that conclusion. Resolving this conflict, reaching the deal, and how you did something that nobody else believed in. Be specific about your personal traits and beliefs. That guides your decisions to show the value you contribute to Google.

4. Dealing with behavioral questions and Googleyness

Silicon Valley has co-opted many terms, but one of the rarest is “Googleyness”. Google hasn’t offered a specific definition for it. But has said that it’s impossible to confuse with cultural fitness. They have named it for creating homogenous workplaces. Currently, Googleyness is an undefined archetype for a typical Google employee.

Google interview questions: Tips for Google Interview Preparation

These tips to prepare for an interview via Google got offered by one student. Who took part in the Google interview questions answers. The tips and tricks are very impressive. The format that the process follows and what to expect during an interview?

Below are some helpful tips and tricks to ensure you’re prepared to succeed!  People who learn are more likely to have a better chance of success in interviews! interview prep:

  • Google engineers that are interviewing you have limited time to focus on their projects. So make sure you’re able to work. Have an extra pen and a piece of paper in case they ask you to write some information.
  • You can expect 45 minutes of a technical interview with a Google software engineer. You will seek your knowledge of the basics of Computer Science (data patterns, algorithms, and algorithms, etc.).
  • Be sure to pay attention to the words spoken by the interviewer. Don’t fall for the trap when an interviewer is trying to assist you!
  • Be sure to tell your interviewer what you are thinking about. Because they are more interested in how you think about your idea. If you get stuck on a specific problem. They could provide suggestions if they understand the method you’re employing.
  • Describe how you intend to tackle every aspect of the problem.
  • If they ask you to answer a question, first, you must define and frame the issue in the manner you imagine it.
  • It’s OK to question your interviewer.

Top Google Interview Questions (Example Answers Included)

Google Interview Questions Answers

It is important to know the Google questions you’ll get asked during your interview will differ based on your job. An engineer in the field, the same type of questions that they’ll ask when hiring an applicant won’t ask you.

How to Answer Google Interview Questions

But, some questions are more frequent and apply to a wide range of different niches. Here’s an overview of the most frequently asked Google interview questions you:

1. What do you consider to be your favorite Google product? What do you believe needs to be improved?

This type of question assists the hiring manager. In determining the level of familiarity you have with Google’s offerings. The good news is that you can use any Google product. If you can talk about it with enthusiasm and give an excellent suggestion.


“My most loved Google product is YouTube. It’s stimulating, but also very empowering, people who wish to share their ideas or talents and share tips. I’ve used it a lot to get answers to my questions, develop new skills, or have fun.

In terms of how I could improve on YouTube. I’d suggest creating an option to refine which videos are the most recommended. For example, clicking an individual video about a change could cause a feed to become flooded. Even if the user no longer has an interest in the subject. The ability to demand that YouTube display a user only content that is not like a specific video might help to solve this issue.”

2. Who do you think Google’s primary competitors are? How does Google set itself apart from the competition?

In this way, the hiring manager will assess whether you are aware of the other companies. That dominates the areas in which Google is also a part. This is relevant for roles that are product-focused. Such as everything from positions as product manager jobs to software developer roles. In which, the chance to stand out from other companies is part of the area.


“Google has a variety of major competitors. Such as Microsoft, Facebook, Netflix, Waze, and several others, dependent on the space in which they compete. One of the primary differences is Google can connect its services. Resulting in an integrated cross-platform experience. Also, Google has such a broad range of services.

It provides a level of familiarity that you do not experience with the rivals. Making the products and platforms seem like an element of everyday life.”

3. What methods can you use to hold yourself and your coworkers accountable?

The importance of accountability is for employers of all kinds. Google is looking for proof that you’ll manage your work and adhere to a certain standard. The hiring supervisor will prefer candidates who paid team members to stay accountable. Especially when group projects are commonplace.


“For me, accountability is always my top priority. One of the primary actions I follow is to record all my deliverables, as well as the due dates. A list lets me create notifications and block ofttimes on my calendar whenever required. So that I can concentrate on the task and complete it within the timeframe I set. When a task is bigger, I use the mini-milestone method.

This allows me to look at each step and makes it much easier to plan a course. When I’m working with colleagues, I’ve found that following up can be very successful. Sometimes, this could include scheduling team meetings. To discuss progress or the transition process between colleagues or reaching out to find out if they’re in line or if I could offer help.”

4. What are your motivations for wanting to work with Google?

You don’t need to list the benefits with this question. Instead, try to bring your interests or your field with your job. All who know the fact that Google gives its workers great respect and appreciation. Known and embraced it by supporting to development of innovative projects and a sense of humor.

Persuade the interviewer that the knowledge and abilities you have are the best to get employed at Google.

5. What else do you want me to know about you that I don’t already know?

This question gives you the chance to share the entire story about yourself which you have left. Be sure to present your answers in the highest quality and get prepared for the interviewer to get analyzed further. There are good chances of the person interviewing you getting interested in you.

And searching for extra convincing reasons also. Be sure to emphasize your prior skills that might get overlooked in the eyes of an interviewer. We recommend it to explain each of your strengths in-depth and focus on each of the most relevant skills.

The most often asked Google technical interview questions

  • A manhole cover is circular. Would it be acceptable to put them in a different shape, like square or rectangular?

    Answer: Manhole covers must be circular to prevent them from falling into manholes. A manhole cover that is circular can be kept within the manhole. If it had a different shape, such as a square or rectangular manhole cover, it could easily fall down the hole.

  •  Which in the following set isn’t part of this series?  

[a, f, b, g]

[a, b, c, d]

[h, i, a, b]

[j, k, l, m]

Answer: The [j, K, M, l] isn’t an element of the set. The remaining three sets are part of the same series as they contain the subset.

  • Could it be that two plus five equals the number four? If so, then how do you know?
    Answer: Yes When we subtract two letters, i.e. F, e, and the letters e, it is the sum of IV. It’s the Roman numeral for the number 4.
  • Write code that will determine if the array contains elements that are the majority. If so you can print it.


#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
void findMajorityElement(int arr[], int n)
    int maxCount = 0;  
    int index = -1;
    for(int i = 0; i < n; i++) 
        int count = 0; 
        for(int j = 0; j < n; j++) 
            if(arr[i] == arr[j]) 
        if(count > maxCount) 
            maxCount = count; 
            index = i; 
    if (maxCount > n/2) 
       cout << arr[index] << endl;
        cout << “No Majority Element Exists in the Array” << endl; 
int main()
    int arr[] = {10, 22, 22, 21, 22, 23, 22};
    int n = sizeof(arr) / sizeof(arr[0]);
    findMajorityElement(arr, n);
    return 0; 

Output: 22


Google is one of the leading companies in the world. It has been a pioneer in creating new and exciting technologies for everyone, including its employees. If you want to be part of such an organization. it’s important that you know what your future employer expects from you.

Use these questions as a guide to help prepare yourself for an interview at Google or other high-tech company out there.

Here are some interview questions that Google asks its candidates. These are challenging, but the best way to prepare for these is to practice your coding skills and the process of solving a problem. Good luck!