UPSC 2020 Exam Results: Important Highlights

UPSC 2020 result got declared on the 24th of September 2021. Shubham Kumar of Bihar is the top performer in his IAS Exam. While Nisha from Haryana and 26 from Karnataka are on the list. The result got announced in an exam called the Civil Services Mains Exam 2020. Find out more details here.

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Union Public Service Commission, UPSC 2020 result declared on September 24, 2021. Along with the toppers’ list at The result got announced in an exam called the Civil Services Mains Exam 2020. 761 students have made it onto the toppers list. in Bihar, Shubham Kumar has been in the spotlight as one of the IAS Topper with AIR 1.

The UPSC Result 2020 Toppers list includes it is Nisha from Haryana is the top state in Haryana with AIR 51. P. Srija from Warangal has crowned the best at both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh with AIR 20. Additionally, the list includes 26 candidates who hail from Karnataka. Along with 9 aspirants of Purvanchal from Uttar Pradesh who have also made it onto the list. Even three aspirants from Prayagraj are on the top 100 list.

As the UPSC IAS Toppers 2020 making headlines. We’ve put together an impressive list of the top performers from different states. To be able to review and compare with the key points of this year’s performance.


  • UPSC Result 2020 for the CSE Mains Exam got announced on the 24th of September, 2021.
  • Bihar’s Shubham Kumar has won his class in the IAS Exam. While Jagrati Awasthi of Madhya Pradesh has come second.
  • Also, Nisha from Haryana and 26 candidates from Karnataka are also on the list on the Toppers list.

UPSC 2020: Toppers, Ranks, and States

Shubham Kumar1Bihar
Jagrati Awasthi2Madhya Pradesh (Bhopal)
Ankita Jain3Maharashtra (Mumbai) is actually was from Delhi
P. Srija20Telangana & Andhra Pradesh
Dr. Apala Mishra9Uttar Pradesh, Purvanchal
Dr. Akshita69Chandigarh
Akshay Simha77Karnataka
Rajesh Kumar Mohan102Chandigarh
Yatish R115Karnataka
Abhishek Shukla50Prayagraj
Ria Dabi15Delhi
Nitisha Sanjay Jagtap199Maharashtra

The state-specific list UPSC 2020 Toppers will get released soon. In the meantime, these numbers and names given above. Reveal that states like Karnataka have a higher percentage of toppers this year. In comparison with other states. It is yet noted that of the top 10 hopefuls 5 of them come located in Bihar as well as Jharkhand.


The UPSC Result 2020 Out of 761 toppers and candidates. Who have been selected for various central services. There are 263 candidates that are 34.5 percent of them belong to that category. There are 150 candidates who are on the reserve list.

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