UPSC Exam Guidance – Techniques, Skills and Strategies for Success

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How should you begin with UPSC Preparation?

 We receive a lot of questions from IAS aspirants about UPSC exam guidance every day. Many people ask where to start their UPSC preparation. Their worries only get worse with the increase of coaching institutes. And enough resources available online and offline. LearnAt believes it is important to address the basic questions of all freshers. We are here to do so.

LearnAt offers online coaching and guidance for all IAS aspirants. They also offer books, study materials, mock tests, and IAS strategy guides. Their vision is that no candidate should get excluded from the UPSC exam competition. Because they cannot afford IAS classroom coaching. You may now go through the 6-tips. This guidance post helps beginners and experts alike.

Table of Contents

1 : Learn more about the UPSC Civil Services Exam

 This exam doesn’t need you to be an expert on everything. This is the most important thing to think about. UPSC has a prescribed syllabus for each stage of the 1-year-long exam. It includes Prelims, Mains, and Interview. All freshers should have a good grasp of the UPSC syllabus and exam patterns. Understand the eligibility criteria to take the UPSC CSE exam.

2 : Get the essential books you need to prepare for

All will agree that the IAS exam can’t get passed if one doesn’t invest in books. It’s true. You need to go through the entire syllabus. We recommend that you start by buying useful books. Such as Indian Polity by Laxmikanth, besides all NCERT books. A list of essential books for IAS preparation is compiled on this website. Taking inputs from many toppers and also make a newspaper reading a daily habit.

3 : Get online study materials from LearnAt!

Yes, You heard it right, we write on topics that aspirants may find difficult to search for. Study materials get published for all subjects in Prelims as well as Mains. These include History, Geography, and Economics. The online materials can be also printed in PDF or paper format. 

If you wish to extend your exam preparation from laptop to mobiles and tablets, even that is possible. We are launching our LearnAt mobile application shortly. So that it is easier for all the aspirants.

4 : LearnAt articles guide UPSC Civil Services Exam

 Keep in touch with  UPSC question papers from previous years. So that you don’t miss any important information. Always stay focused.

5 : Avoid low-quality IAS Coaching Centres

We don’t oppose any IAS coaching centers and classrooms. While there are many reputable centers and many don’t offer any services. Even though they charge lakhs of rupees from candidates. Many of them mislead with outdated notes and advertisements. It is important to understand that you are only looking for guidance and not for knowledge when you attend a coaching institute

Knowledge is at your fingertips. You may not pass out this competitive exam if you make a mistake. You will get ruined if you rely on coaching institutes for your guidance. And lack of analytical skills and the right UPSC exam guidance. You can always refer to the unedited interviews by toppers on our website LearnAt.

6 : Don't worry too much, do it!

Why not get your feet wet? There is nothing to lose. You will become a completely different person once you take over. Do not worry about your financial situation, age, or lack of time. Never be late. Jump in and get involved. One step can start a journey that will take you thousands of miles.


These examinations get conducted by UPSC in the form of CSE. for selecting the appropriate candidates for the jobs. Every year lakhs of candidates appear for this examination. Testing their lucks and hard work to get through one of these good posts.


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