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The NDA and naval academy tests are now open to women: Supreme Court decision

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Supreme Court Opens NDA and Naval Academy Examinations To Women

This comes as that the Supreme Court on Wednesday stressed that. It “cannot belie the aspirations of young girls”. In the same way that it denied the Centre’s request. To postpone the first examination for women for their entry into NDA.

UPSC announcement to NDA

The UPSC announced that it had opened an application period for female candidates. Who wishes to take part in the National Defence Academy and NAE, 2021. “Following the Honourable SC of India’s directive, women can take part in this exam,” UPSC said.

NDA and Naval Academy Examination (II), 2021, by its order dated 18th August 2021 within the WP (C). No.1416/2020 made by the Kush Kalra Vs. UoI& Others. The UPSC has decided to launch an online application portal via its site (

For this exam to permit unmarried female candidates to take part in the examination. Only by publishing an amendment to Notice No. 10/2021-NDA II, which got released on the 09th of June, 2021.” UPSC said in a statement.

The corrigendum can be found via the UPSC’s website. The application form will be open to women from September 24 until October 8th. The commission announced.

Supreme Court's Decision : NDA Exam

This comes after the Supreme Court on Wednesday declared the fact that. They “cannot belie the aspirations of young girls”. In that, it denied the Centre’s demand to postpone the first-ever exam for women. Who are candidates for admission in the NDA.

The SC also directed that the candidates get permitted to sit for the exam on the 14th of November. Only male applicants who have passed Class 12 level or its equal. Those who are within the age bracket of 16 and a half and 19 can apply. According to the current eligibility guidelines.

Candidates who pass the NDA examination get to interviews with the SSB. Following an examination for medical, applicants enrolled in the navy, army, and AFW of the NDA. Are also selected for the INA course for pre-commissioning training.

Government's Final Decision On NDA

The government on Monday announced that women can take the entrance test in April and May next year. And begin attending the academy in January 2023. But, the Supreme Court said there cannot be any request by the authorities.

Women, interested in joining the academy cannot skip the exam scheduled for November. “What does it mean when the surrender of the armed forces? today jam tomorrow! ” the bench that consists comprising justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul and Justice Gavai. “It is hard to accept this reality.

The aspirations of women have raised in light of the ruling. Though dependent on the final decision in the case. We do not wish to void the decision,” the bench said in its ruling.

The court directed that the UPSC released a revised notice for the entrance test for the NDA. in consultation and consultations with the ministry of defense (MoD).

Attorney general Aishwarya Bhati, who was representing the Centre. Said that female applicant will need to skip the test in November due to the radical changes. That has to be implemented before the time women cadets join and begin their training. In the Joint Defence Service Training Institute of the Indian Armed Forces.


The bench stated that “armed forces have faced much more challenging and difficult situations. … “It isn’t difficult, but it’s not as difficult as seems to be. Armed forces have to deal with every kind of emergency. They are the most effective individuals to deal with such situations.

What advice do we have on behalf of women getting ready for examinations? Are we going to say, test your luck in the future? We’re not saying that, you’ll work out one thing this year and only.”

FAQs : NDA Exam 2021

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